Historically our offices have always dealt with general consultancy and litigation.

We have hands-on experience and provide advisory and legal services in:

  • criminal Law
  • civil law
  • matrimonial, family law
  • successions
  • contracts
  • real estate
  • torts & liability
  • labor law
  • leases

Furthermore we specialize in:

  • criminal Law
  • commercial & corporate Law and commercial transactions
  • competition law, franchising & distribution
  • Stock Market Exchange law

In the last fifteen years, our offices have developed substantial activity in  Capital market Law and Stock Exchange Law cases. This includes both, litigation and legal consultancy for companies active in this particular market (stock brokers, investment companies etc.). 

The A.&G. Gouskos law offices have cooperated and dealt with cases of international jurisdiction, representing parties from the U.K., U.S.A., France and Belgium.

Working Languages: Greek, English and French.